Tuesday, August 31, 2004

At the Top of My Lungs

Realizing that instead of hauling over the great divide (Lake Washington) to get my exercise at Green Lake, I can get in my three miles on a daily basis by just jaunting over to the Downtown Bellevue Park where 1 loop equals 1/2 mile. For the mathematically challenged that means that I have to do 6 laps. Staying focused and disciplined enough to force myself around that park 6 whole times takes a lot more stamina than I expected. Walking on that dusty trail again and again is just plain BORING! There are only about 5 other people going around and around, so you get to see them over and over - definitely not meeting up with the tens of interesting people that you encounter ONCE when you walk around Green Lake ONCE to get in that three miles.

I was so bored that I became totally absorbed by the music playing on my discman - the CD I am listening to everywhere - Rufus Wainwright's Want One. I adore the CD truly, madly, deeply, but usually the songs are a pleasant background to the people I am watching as I walk around Green Lake. At the Bellevue Park, the music is the main stage. I actually found myself doing the air guitar to my favorite part of "Go or Go Ahead" and had to clench my jaw together to prevent myself singing along to the crescendo with all the fervor it arouses.

I wonder how people (the five there were) would have reacted to the SINGING, AIR GUITAR PLAYING, jogger in the hot pink shorts. Would they have smiled at my exuberant abandon, called the state hospital, or ignored me, pegging me as just another crazy?
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