Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's my party

I just celebrated with my co-workers - they went all out, beer, wine, chips, dips, cheese and cheesecake, usually the birthday person just gets a cake. Maybe they feel guilty for all of the phone calls they pass along to me that they don't want to make themselves - such as the one to the CEO of a company to make sure that it is in fact his direct line (what was I supposed to say - uh is this you, k just checking). It must be nice to be able to pass stuff off to the little guy. I am the end of the line. I don't get to pass off the annoying, backbone testing chores to some poor, underworked, bored administrative assistant who resents that the only work passed her way is the stupid stuff that no one else wants to do because that poor soul is me.

I have never had a job on my birthday before. I went to school - had summers off, had a baby and didn't work till she turned one, then got fired in June and didn't work till last September. I have never even worked through a summer before, so you can gather that I have never had a job for more than a year. This will be my first - if I can stick it out - but argh! the boredom is killing me. Hence the blog. I have been reading them for months, figured I like to write meaningless so and so like the best of them, and have forty hours a week to burn through so why not?

So needless to say, this was my first daytime co-worker birthday party. It was great. I stuffed myself on cheesecake and Minute Maid Lemonade while listening to shopper insight talk (I work for a marketing research firm) and frequent flyer perk conversations. I wasn't much of a contributor. It is so awkward to sit in a room with all of those people and try to be social. I am the Honey-do member of the team, so I don't get to hang around with them too much during the day - I am relegated to my post, whereas the rest of them wander freely, stopping by his or her desk for a little chat about the baby or the hockey game. I just get to see them as they go to and come back from the bathroom - and that just isn't a chatty time for most people.
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