Monday, September 20, 2004

80 Degrees and Sunny Every Day

Wednesday marks the first day of fall, and I must say that I am not pleased about that - not one little bit. Seeing my breath in the morning is growing in frequency and will soon be an everyday occurrence, the windows on my car are covered with condensation, which I hate to wipe off because I am usually running late, so therefore create a rolling hazard wagon since I can’t see out my windows worth a darn, and I finally had to turn on the heat in my bedroom.

I haven’t relished using the heat, but after a shivering night wherein I woke up so cold that my feet felt like ice and I had to get up to throw on some socks and an extra blanket, I decided that it was time. I usually sleep in my birthday suit – more comfy that way during the summer and suited to keeping me from getting overheated in the winter. It is kind of a bad habit because every now and again I will be in bed and remember that I forgot to lock the door or switch out a light, so I have to go traipsing through the house sans robe, because it is usually in the bathroom on a hook. Sometimes there is a shade or curtain open and I always hope to goodness that no one just happens to look up into that window right at the moment that I am rambling by, which I usually do in the dark if I can or hunched over in a run or just straight up with a devil may care attitude. Pretty stupid, now that I am living alone – I always imagined that whoever caught me walking around would be some surprised old lady who just shook her head and went back to her business. And there is always the possibility that some dude might see and be like “wow, there’s a naked chick up there” and also just return to his business. But the more sinister possibility that one of those freaky guys, whose first step into sexual deviance is a stint as a peeping tom, catches me in my nude dash across the apartment is frightening and especially so since I am all by my lonesome without my knight in shining armor to protect me.

So now that fall is here, my first as I have said in a long time without a bedmate, I suppose I should go buy some PJs, some nice plaid, flannel, boring ones and be done with it. It’s just for a few months, right? Summer will be here again before I know it.

But the temptation to move to the land of perpetual summers is oh so great.
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