Wednesday, September 22, 2004

If You Aren't Going to Take It, LEAVE IT ALONE!

Yesterday morning I went out to my Durango and discovered that the night before I had left my window open a crack. I inwardly admonished myself, and was prepared to think no more of it. But then I tried to start my truck – nothing. I tried again – nothing. I looked around the vehicle…I hadn’t left anything on – I never do. But then I noticed that things weren’t as I left them. It looked as if someone had rummaged around in there. I couldn’t believe that – there was nothing but a car seat and some kid’s shoes in the back seat. I didn’t even have my cd’s in the truck. I tried starting the Durango one more time and gave up. I got out of the car and hit the lock button on my remote entry pad, but nothing happened, then I tried the unlock button, again no reaction. Then I realized that it must not have worked when I used it to access my door first thing – my door was already unlocked. I went back inside, called work to let them know I would be late and then X to ask for him assistance.

It sucks that even though we are divorced, I still have to call on X to help me out. I feel like the helpless dame waiting for the big man to come take her troubles away.

Being the nice guy that he is, X was busy with another of my family members. My cousin, Stone, just moved up from CA and needed a job, so X took him in to his old place of work and got him hooked up with a position. Whatta guy. He agreed to meet me after he was done with Stone. I was actually happy with the opportunity to do nothing for a while. I played the piano for the next hour and a half.

When X arrived, he pushed the truck out of its spot and spent the next 45 minutes fruitlessly trying to charge the battery. He discovered that some wires had been messed with and decided that someone had unlocked the door through the window and then when the security system reacted, they pulled at the wires and only succeeded in ruining my battery. X ran out, bought me a new battery, installed it and admonished me for leaving the window open in the first place.

Note to the criminals: If you are going to mess with my Durango, can you at least have the decency to take it? I even have two keys hidden on the vehicle itself. That way I can get the insurance money, pay it off, and get a nice, sensible hybrid. Thanks.
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