Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bad Hair Day?

Running late as usual because of an inability to drag myself out of bed (I have decided that I am only a morning person during the summer – when the sun wakes me up…it is impossible for me to get up when it is dark outside), I took my shower and forsook the blow-dryer, instead pulling my hair into two low buns. As I hurried out the door, Audrey (Bubba) in tow, she looked up at me as I dragged her along. Her face squinched, she said, “Why is your hair like that? Did you do that, Mommy?”

I slowed and looked down at her, “Uh, yes, do you like it?”

“No, it’s ugly.”

Great, just great. That is exactly what I want to hear as I am unlocking my car and leaving for the day. I want to hear that my hair looks ugly.

How much stock would you put on the opinion of a three year-old?
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