Monday, October 11, 2004

New Means Something To Me

Hey! My sofa sold – no sob story required.
The dining table and chairs sold.
The washer and dryer sold.

Ask me how much of that money I have left to put toward new furniture in my new apartment. Yessiree, spent it all on the Bubbster, I did. Kid needed new bedding for her “big girl bed,” panties, socks, shoes, and stuff. Color my wallet empty. So my new apartment, my beautiful, new apartment, is going to be my half-empty beautiful, new apartment. Bubba’s birthday is Nov. 1, so I am saying “happy birthday, I got you a pillow and panties” and taking my free month rent money and buying me something to sit on. I am going to buy it from a store and everything. I am going to buy a new piece of furniture! Not too many people can grasp what a huge deal this is to the girl who spent the greater portion of her life dressing from the missionary barrel, but I will just say it is HUGE, like humongous huge.

New is a word that referred to schools and places to live when I grew up, seldom shirts or shoes and never furniture. So I am going to get myself a new sofa, brand spankin’ new. And it isn’t going to be one of those cheesy chenille-amajobbies either. I may furnish the rest of the place from garage sales and consignments shops, but the sofa will be NEW. New new new new new. What a word!
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