Friday, October 08, 2004

Are You Bored & Tired With Nothing To Say?

I have a growing list of blogs that I read regularly, and it is not that I want the list to keep growing, but that the blogs that I thoroughly enjoy are not updated 9 times a day or even in most cases once a day. Boy do I go mad when my most favorite blogs (there are three) are not updated for days sometimes even (GASP!) the very same days. I miss their stories and their incites into life. Sure, I know that they have to live their lives in order to write their blogs, but can’t they live it on the weekends and evenings and write about it while at work? Doesn’t every one have a practically free 40 hours a week with which to fill with nothing besides surfing the net and writing for the net? Anyway, I get mad at them for forcing me to seek out other blogs.

It is so hard to find good blogs these days…my requirements aren’t even that strenuous – must be older than a teenager, must update regularly, be a quality writer, avoid politics for the most part, as well mass linkage and write about topics that appeal to me but if they don’t, write about them in a way that will make me keep reading. Do that and you will most likely have me hooked. The problem is, while I am sure that there are plenty of blogs like that out there, I am having a hard time discovering them. I try to look at other people’s blog lists, but can’t stand the really colorful websites (hard to make it look like I am actually being constructive at work, though they give me nothing to do, if my screen is pink with purple text) so that narrows it down to the really plain sites with good writing, hard to find. So I try to look at the recently updated blogs on Blogger, but just shake my head.

If your blog has the words blog, rant, rave, ramble, thought, random or any variation of the above, chances are great that I am not going to go there. It is amazing how many blogs use those words in the title, and I am sorry, but if that is the limit to your naming creativity, then it doesn’t bode well for my enjoyment of your ranting, raving, rambling, thoughtful random blog. Especially since the times I have opened such blogs out of curiosity, I never fail to be greeted with an entry about how tired or bored the author is and how little they have to say. Enh, not interested. But hey, don’t knock it till you try it…if you have a blog with such a title and you think it fits my other reqs just shoot me an e-mail. If it’s any good, I might just put it up and read it besides.

I had to call Big this morning. He hasn’t updated in a week…I threatened to pull him down. After all, he isn’t updating, has a colorful site, and has yet to figure out what he really wants to say there. But he is my brother, so I suppose he can stay for now.

Yesterday I found the most interesting blog about a man who moved to France from England in June. He bought himself an old house and has been writing about the work he has been doing to make it liveable. It is a little Under the Tuscan Sun sort of thing. I think his end goal is to be a completely self-sufficient angora goat farmer. I so totally want to be him, though I could never carry out his work on my own.

I read the blog from beginning to end, and bookmarked it, but this morning the link didn't work, and I can't for the life of me figure out how I found him or what is wrong with the link. I have been despairing all day, because I felt like I was in France with him chipping away at the plaster to reveal the ancient stone walls, I felt the daily pain in his right arm, the excitement over the purchase of his "Landy," and the exhaustion from the toils of restoring this neglected property. He shares pictures of the house, his two dogs, two angora goats, the Landy, and various town festivals and standing rocks he seeks out like a tourist. I hope to figure out how to find it again, but for now I am left with this broken url Optmistically I yearn for it to start magically working again. I will be very sad if it doesn't. I'll keep you posted.
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