Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It Could Happen

Yes siree Bob, I got the apartment, yes I did.

There's more, but I will tell you that when I move in, k?

For now I have to finish helping my mom move, pack my own stuff, and get over the latest wave of sickness...I was getting better, really I was, but that darn cold decided to go worse. Now I have neon bodily fluids. YUMMMM.

But who wants to know that?

Could everyone please stop asking me if I am taking my vitamins? I am just as annoyed as you are that I am still sick. Perhaps if I didn't have so much going on right now I could concentrate on getting better.

I guess that means November, I should be right as rain. Yeah right, more birthdays and the holidays to come. A family matriarch's job is never done. But maybe my own mom will take back her crown...yeah right, and my Durango will magically tranform into a Prius.
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