Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Amputation By Ax Or By Chainsaw?

Still sick – but out of the misery stage and just in the annoying stage where the symptoms are just reluctant to take the hint and leave – y’know, the kinda stuffy nose, the half-hearted cough, the sneezes that just don’t come. My focus now goes back to my fungus-infested fingernail. I still haven’t taken care of it, and I suppose I should because it is still swollen and goes through painful stages, and to top it off X’s Girl2 passed along a belief that I could have the same thing that nearly led to the loss of Paula Abdul’s thumb, so I really should get on it.

Go to WebMD though and research the fingernail nastiness and the cure almost seems worse than the disease. I am always leery of taking drugs with frightening side effects, but the fingernail is embarrassing, the pain not so fun either.

Speaking of pictures, wouldn’t life be so much easier if one could just e-mail a photo and/or description of one’s malady to one’s doctor, and s/he could reply with a prescription and instructions?
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