Monday, February 07, 2005

Yes, I do watch reality television.

I was watching the Surreal Life last night, and I'm with Adrianne. I'm falling for Christopher Knight too. How can you resist a Brady? Really, how? Forget the first male supermodel. (insert pet peeve here: Um, can I just mention that I hate when they put male or female in front of a gender-generalized role. Male nurse, male secretary... um doesn't just saying he's a nurse, pretty much cover the "male" aspect of the job? I'm just saying.) Marcus had nothing on Peter. He's, as my daugher would say, 'licious, though a little old for me, though has that ever stopped me before?

And on another note, mini-me is WEIRD. Don't believe me? Watch the show. Dude peed into a corner while riding around naked on his mini-me mobile. Need I say more?
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