Friday, July 30, 2004

A Little Jealousy Never Hurt

Mr. Slick went to New York on personal business on Tuesday night and though he emphatically promised to call Wed morning to say he arrived safely, there was not a call until Thursday night. That means he missed the opportunity to wish me a Happy Divorce (WA and OR residents - these people rock.) I understood that he was busy, but it was the day we had been looking forward to the entire time of our togetherness. I was already disappointed that he was to be out of town for the big day, so the fact that he didn't call me really burned me. So when I was at Green Lake (do I go anywhere else?) on Wednesday night (DDay), I was pretty excited when a hot rollerblader approached me while I sat on a bench retying my trainers. He said he was new in the area and asked if I would like to have a drink with him, perhaps show him around the town. That was pretty lame- he found Green Lake didn't he? I respectfully turned him down - said that my boyfriend probably wouldn't like that, but got a pretty nice boost to my ego from the whole experience. So when Mr. Slick called me late last night (Thurs) we talked for a while before he finally said:

"So your divorce is final isn't it?"

"Mm hmm."

"That means you are a free woman, doesn't it? I better get home before some man tries to snap you up."

"Actually some guy tried to pick me up last night."


"Where were you?"

"Green Lake - he was a rollerblader."


"I am a jealous man, you know."

"I know - I respectfully declined, of course."

"If you have a thing for rollerbladers I can get a nice pair of spandex - bright green ones, and I can wear the helmet and wrist guards to bed."

I told him he was so silly and to just get his ass home. I don't know why I got so much satisfaction about creating that twinge of jealousy. Perhaps I was put off by the fact that it took him so long to call me. Perhaps it was a part of me that wanted him to know that if he doesn't shape up I have other options.

But I don't want other options- I only want Mr. Slick.

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