Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Trick or Treat, Leave Me Something Good to Eat

The great thing about my job is that people are stupid. And with that stupidity comes illiteracy, or what must be illiteracy because apparently no one can read that big, huge, fat sign we have on our door screaming at solicitors to stay far, far away because we reaaaally don’t want any. So because no one can read this sign, solicitors come waltzing in all the time, and the most amusing bit is that they always seem to come in on the coattails of someone who works here, as if I won’t notice the perfect stranger entering our lobby behind one who belongs. They always say something cute about being a doorman or popping in for a visit or since they were in the neighborhood… But the best thing about these stupid people who do not know how to read is that they bring me chocolate. Somehow they are under the impression that leaving small treats will bribe me to use their services. Uh, no, but thanks now I have something to supplement my cheerio/candy corn lunch - Rolos!
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