Monday, November 15, 2004

Wink, Then Toss the Hair

Hello, oh I say. Imagine that said in a British accent by a dirty, old English man and you will have my reaction to the new guy. He just started today. And by he I mean tall, extremely handsome Harvard grad. Did I mention handsome? I had heard rumors, but my Lord were they understated.

I was already seated at my desk when he arrived. I looked up at him, barely able to keep the jaw from dropping, and accepted his proffered hand and introduction. I stuttered out my greeting and handed him his key. Luckily his boss was nearby and whisked him off to show him his space. I was left to ponder the moment and wonder how I looked. Needing to know, I went to the restroom for a quick look in the mirror. Hmm, especially lifeless hair and weird, brown eye shadow that I couldn’t quite get to look right this morning. I gave myself a yuck and despondently returned to my desk.

Maybe we aren’t always the best judges of how we look. Minutes later, the CFO arrived, paused, looked at me a little longer than usual, then said, “Rebecca, you are looking very nice this morning. I mean you always look nice, but this morning especially so,” and continued down the hall. This time my jaw did drop, and I gave an inward “Hurrah!” and have been finding reasons to wander back toward his area ever since.
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