Monday, November 08, 2004

"He Cleans Up Good"

Earlier I dropped Audrey at daycare. No crying, no nothing. She is getting better, which certainly makes me feel better. As I walked out of the building, Susan, the owner stopped me, “I saw Audrey’s daddy on Friday. Wow was he dressed up. Woowee. He sure did look nice.”

“Well,” I replied, “He had a rehearsal dinner to go to.”

“He can look so nice when he wants to,” she continued.

“Yeah, when he wants to,” I said caustically. You see, Sam is of the tee-shirt and jeans, shave on Tuesday school of thought, so his appearance never got that much attention. Even I was taken aback when he would put on a tie and some slacks.

But Susan wasn’t done yet. “I couldn’t even say nothin’. I may be 60, but a 60 year-old woman still got eyes, and he looked good.” She seemed a bit flustered just in talking about.

Go Sam – you’ve got that senior citizen demographic tapped!
- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +