Monday, November 01, 2004

Rocky Road

So today marks the third year of my being a parent. Have I done a good job? Hmm, well let's see. Judging my the tone of my last post, I am inclined to think not. But my child is now three, so she made it this far under my care (and the crowd goes wild) - thank you, thank you. I try my best.

Or do I? What is the best that a parent can give to her child?

Every waking moment completely devoted to parenthood?

Doesn't that transform the parent into a sweats-wearing, frown-line sporting, zombie who forgets what it is to be a person, the person you used to be? What was it like to go to dinner and a movie at a moment's notice, to read the newspaper, or better yet, leave the newspaper for 2 seconds without returning to find it strewn across the floor and your favorite bit ripped to shreds?

I know I sound cynical, but I bet that I am not the only person to feel this way. I love Audrey to death, but sometimes I know that I was too young to become a parent.

Perhaps all of this reflection is due to a recent decision made by an acquaintance of mine, one that I, myself, could never in a million years have come to for several reasons. It certainly would have been the easy way out. My life would be peaches right now - peaches. I don't regret my decision, but I do know that my life would be different right now, unrecognizable, easy.

So happy birthday, Audrey and happy 3rd anniversary of being a parent to me. Here's to taking the road that suits your beliefs no matter how hard it may be (clink). Cheers.
- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +