Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Like My Copies Kinko'd

There is this guy at my local Kinko's that makes my day every time I have to go there for work. He remembers my name; he always has a smile, and he is the cutest, little thing you ever did see. I don't mind flirting with him because he is 5'5" or some gawdawfully short height, so there could never be a chance that he would think that we could be an item, because I am Amazon woman next to him. Over the summer, he asked how I was enjoying the sunshine and I told him about my trip to the lake the day before. I lay in the sun near a group of upperclassmen high schoolers who just oozed the superficiality of the in-crowd. I described the group to him complete with some of the overheard conversations and comments on the ugly people around them. He was surprised to hear me speak with derision of the in-crowd, swearing that I must have been one of them. He couldn't believe it when I promised that I was not. I realized that I must have changed a lot since high school to be a believable member of the in-crowd. Remind me to post a picture of the high school me. He has also asked about who will accompany me to certain events I tell him I am attending. I am always vague, never mentioning a boyfriend - it is more fun that way. Yesterday, he asked after my Halloween and was taken aback that I hadn't attended any wild parties. See the fun thing about this, it that to him, I am this hip, fun, happening girl. Looks can be so, so deceiving. It is good for the ego, and I always leave Kinko's happy.
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