Monday, November 08, 2004

This Job Ain't All Bad

I really like the BB. I called Audrey in sick on Thursday so I could take a mental health day, and on Friday he asked me how she was doing. I told him she was better and with daddy. He said that those poor kids are always picking things up from daycare, and then he paused.

“Is he treating you okay?”

I hesitated a moment before saying that he was. I assumed that he was asking me if Sam, my ex, was treating me well.

“Good, because if he isn’t, then he will have me to deal with.”

We both chuckled and moved on to business, but aside from the nagging guilt about the lie concerning my daughter's health, his inquiry really struck a nerve with me. I am around family members all of the time, but none have ever asked how Sam is treating me post-divorce, and the whole “he will have me to deal with” thing was so paternal, which some feminists might shudder over, but it felt nice. I guess missing out on the whole dad thing makes me treasure moments like that. The BB really cares about his employees, and that makes me feel good about working here.

A couple of weeks ago he asked me how Cy has been treating me, and gave me that same response that if he ever treats me bad, he will be there. I suppose maybe part of his concern comes from the day that I walked around the office in tears, having to escape to the bathroom now and again when they became unbearable. He asked me how I was, if there was anything he could do, or if it was just personal and I didn’t want to talk about it.

He’s a good guy, and I wish that everyone could have a Big Boss like mine.
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