Friday, November 12, 2004


Recently I started doing this Blog Explosion thing, and while I promised myself that I wouldn’t devote an entire post to it, a la the majority of blogs that you read while perusing the masses in sort of a speed dating fashion, I couldn’t resist any longer. One of the things that surprised me from the posts re: Blog Explosion was the amount of people complaining about other people’s blogs. There are a lot of blogs that are a lot like other blogs meaning they fall into certain categories, which also means that their blogs have interest to a certain category of people. Politics, work, mom, cat, dog, knitting, baby and on and on…I have seen pundits whining about knitters and knitters whining about the techno geeks. C’mon people. We all have our genres. While I won’t be stepping foot into the political arena or talking about my knitting experiences (should I ever decide to finish that scarf), I don’t hate on people who have such blogs. I accept that some people avidly read such stuff and move on to bookmark what catches my interest.

So far I have enjoyed Blog Explosion, but the problem is that now I have too many blogs that interest me and I can’t figure out how to keep up with them all or if I even want to. After the initial 30 seconds I can tell what I like, but then it may take a few weeks to decide whether they continual post to my qualifications. I enjoyed the way my searches for new reads went before…I perused other’s blogrolls and then perused that person’s blogroll and so on leapfrogging through the world of blogs. But now my grassroots searches have seemingly gone commercial. It is weird. I have tons and tons of blogs at my fingertips, and I am becoming a borderline blog geek.

Blog Explosion is addicting . You never know what is going to pop up, and you keep waiting for that 30 seconds to tick down so you can get to the next one. Sometimes I get lost in a blog and realized minutes have passed – that makes it a definite bookmarker. It is also interesting the amount of interesting and sometimes quite odd templates that people have on their blogs. Some of them go quite over the top. From mine you can see I like the nice, clean, plainness of a white background. Any way I have had fun with it, I just think they should get rid of the rating system. I personally dont' give a damn about my rating, but I have read of some bloggers freaking out about it. It shouldn't be what blogging is about.

Anyhoo, if you aren't using it, you might give it a whirl. It is more fun to find blogs, and also a great way to get traffic, if you are looking for it.
- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +