Friday, December 17, 2004


Last night was our office holiday party. At last year's party we went to the Kirkland Keg and sat at a large table, ordered appetizers and drinks and talked to our neighbors. There were no spouses or partners, and it was no fun.

As our company grows, so too does the party. So we moved on up to the Bellevue Club Olympic Ballroom A. A Ballroom for our holiday party. You have no idea how big a deal that is. And it was catered. And there was an open bar.

Cy wasn’t able to make it, so I was free to socialize. I mostly spoke with the wives of a few coworkers, but toward the end of the evening I got to spend some time with our new hottie. That made my night. Sure he has a girlfriend, but she lives in California or some other far-off place. Do long distance relationships really work? Remember leaving your high school sweetheart when you went to separate colleges and you swore you would be together forever, but two weeks later you had The Talk? We didn’t talk about the girlfriend though, so she very well could be packing up her bags for WA as I write this.

What does that matter anyway? I was merely enjoying some intellectual conversation about human behavior (okay so we were discussing reality television, but our basis was in sociology, I promise).

You can witness my flirting self here (I blame the whiskey sours). Image Hosted by
Yes, I know my eyes have a devilish glint. You can blame the alcohol, or the camera phone that took the photo - take your pick.

A fun time was had by all. But how could there not have been? We got to see both the CEO and the President smashed.

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