Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pink Is Her Brand New Obsession

I always wondered if girliness is innate or something that just happens along the way. You would think that being a girl I would be more clued in to the topic, but perhaps upon reflection I am. When I was a little girl I wanted to wear dresses every day and an apron so I could fill said apron with wild flowers from the nonexistent fields surrounding our suburban home. But I loved Matchbox cars and cap guns too. I don’t think I was overwhelmingly girly or much of a tomboy either.

Audrey, however, appears to be all girl. She is fascinated by makeup and compliments my pretty eye shadow when I am wearing it darker for a special occasion. She hates when I pull my hair back, preferring it to be flowing down my back so she can brush it and play with it. She likes her hair to be a certain way, and she has to pick out her “special outfits” that are always completed with her boots and heaven help me if I call them shoes because they are BOOTS. And somewhere sometime she picked up an overwhelming affinity for the color pink. Why are little girls drawn to the color pink?

She found a pair of pink panties and wanted to immediately change out of the blue ones she was wearing because, “I only like pink, Momma.” And then a struggle ensued wherein I had to force Audrey to keep on the blue ones because I don’t want her to get into the habit of only wearing pink panties. She has but two or three pairs, and I am not going to do laundry every few days just so she can have fresh, pink panties on a daily basis. No, sir. She can sign up some other shmo for that one (Sam?), but it won’t be me.
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