Friday, February 11, 2005

He Joined the Ranks

Sadly, it continues. He has been converted to a grudge keeper.

I received an email from my brother stating that I am to return any property of his that is in my possession to my mother's house the next time I am there.

I feel like we are children again with this not speaking to each other business. You remember how you would tell your sister to tell your brother that he isn't allowed in your room anymore because he broke your Lite Brite just so you can have the satisfaction of letting him know he is getting the silent treatment? This email is just like that. Hm, how can I keep this up and prove even more that I don't want to see or talk to her? I know. I will send her an email and make her take stuff to Mom's house, so she knows that I would rather drive there to get it than see her ugly face.

Um, yeah right. Keep dreaming there, big guy.

I was tempted to send him an email saying that if he wants it, he can come get it his own damn self, but that would just be perpetuating the situation, wouldn't it?

So instead I am ignoring the email and writing this passive-aggressive post just in case he is a big enough jerk to keep checking in on me here while wanting nothing to do with me anywhere else.

Everyone wave to the big jerk.

And this was supposed to be the blog with no drama.

- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +