Friday, January 07, 2005

The One Where I Ask Questions About Liver And Onions

What happened to liver and onions? Can you recall the last time someone said, “so my wife made liver and onions for dinner last night?” Did people stop liking liver and onions? Did anyone ever like liver and onions? Will liver and onions make a comeback? Is there a small sect of liver and onions lovers out there somewhere on the planet that I don't know about?

Did your mom make you eat liver and onions when you were a kid? Would you make your kid eat liver and onions just because your mom made you eat liver and onions? Or are you the type of parent that vowed never to torture your kids the way your parents tortured you?

Why don’t people make liver and onions anymore? How come there are no liver and onions Lean Cuisines? Where’s the liver and onions entrée at Applebee’s? Why can’t I find liver and onions in my grocer’s deli?

What ever happened to liver and onions?
- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +