Friday, January 07, 2005

Still Holding

Do you ever feel like you could express your blog post so much better if you could just tell the reader in person, complete with facial expressions and silly voices? This is one of these posts.

I am on hold right now at work with Continental Airlines. I was supposed to be off work 10 minutes ago, but that is another story.

So anyway, I call and need to speak with a representative.

You know how they tell you that there will be someone with you in approximately----minutes and then another voice fills in the blank? Well yeah, they just did that. Only the first guy sounded like he was hopped up on the speed he had to take because no one will ever hire him to do the voice overs for film trailers, his true called, and the second guy sounded like he was drugged by the other guy because he is sharing his voice time. And then after the voice guys’ performances…complete and utter silence.

What? No Muzak? Did Continental spend all its money on the dueling voice guys so there was none left for even so much as the a rotating track of accordion to get me through the agony of hanging around on hold with an airline when I could be at home lounging on the couch watching Single in the City on WE.

I am sitting at my desk, still on hold…I think I’ll be here till next Tuesday.
- Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas +